AegisSAN Q500

High reliability storage systems optimized for throughput and designed for SMB.

Optimized Throughput

AegisSAN Q500 series are optimized for demanding high-throughput applications. It can deliver more than 6,000MB/s for throughput requirements.


Energy Efficiency

AegisSAN Q500 series adopt power efficient CPU, 80+ Gold PSU, smart enclosure management firmware, and disk auto spindown technologies for more than 60% power saving.

Enterprise Data Protections

Snapshot | Clone | Replication

QSAN array built-in data protection features protect your data under any circumstances without extra charge and without performance impact.


QSAN Data Protection Solution Advantages:

  • Multipath and failover
  • Instant rollback when virus attacks or accident deletes
  • Reduce the impact risks of disk failures
  • Protect data against disasters
  • Increase application availability
  • Automatic data synchronization to avoid traffic jam
  • Flexible configurations for various storage plans

Smart Data Management

SSD Caching | Fast Rebuild
Thin Provisioning | Seamless Roaming | Copy Migration

When the original storage planning or configuration doesn’t fit anymore, QSAN smart data management features can recover the status back to normal quickly and minimise the system risk.

SSD Caching

QSAN SSD caching leverages the strengths of both SSDs and SAS/SATA hard drives to cost-effectively meet both high speed and large capacity requirements. It accelerates application performance by utilizing SSD drive as extended RAID controller cache for hot data while most of the cold data are stored in the hard drives.

Performance improvement is up to x 18 times.

Fast Rebuild

QSAN Fast Rebuild only rebuilds the partitions with data. With embedded hardware RAID engine, it can greatly reduce the system loading, minimize the performance impact, and reduce rebuilding time as well.


Thin Provisioning

The Thin provisioning feature provides efficient use of total available capacity, centralized management, data protection, flexible storage planning, and automatic extension when allocated space runs out.

QiSOE 2.0: QSAN Hardware Offload Engine

AegisSAN LX series adopts a dedicated CPU core to process iSCSI and Fibre Channel packets. From our lab result, both iSCSI and Fibre Channel storage systems have significant performance improvement.

iSCSI write throughput x1.5 times faster                    FC IOPS performance x1.6 times faster

USB LCD Module

#Security #EasyManagement

QSAN innovated patent filing USB LCM can avoid data leakage in data centers and lower IT management effort.



Dual active controllers (D)

Single upgradable controller (S)


Intel dual cores

Memory per Controller

4GB upgradable to 8GB

Host Channels per Controller

1Gb iSCSI x2 + 1 x management port


+ 10Gb RJ-45 iSCSI x2

+ 10Gb SFP+ iSCSI x2

+ 1Gb iSCSI  x 4

+ 16Gb FC x2

+ 8Gb FC x2

+ 6Gb SAS x2  (*Q500-S20 model doesn’t support iSCSI protocol)

Form Factor



Maximum Drives Supported


High Availability

Fully redundant and hot-swappable hardware modules

Cache mirroring

Offload Engine

QiSOE: iSCSI hardware offload engine

fcQiSOE: FC hardware offload engine

Memory Protection

3U16/4U24: Battery backup module*


Supported Drives

3.5 inch or 2.5 inch 6G SAS, SATA and SSD

*MUX boards for SATA drives

Expansion System


LCD Module

USB LCD Module*

* Optional


RAID Levels

0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, and 60

Global and dedicated spares

Data Protections


Volume cloning

Remote replication

*Q500-S20 model doesn’t support QReplica remote replication.

RAID Group and Volume Management

Thin provisioning

SSD caching*

Online migration and expansion

Copy (Move) migration

Seamless disk roaming

* Optional

Hard Drive Management

Fast rebuild

Automatic disk spindown

Disk health check

Parity check

Batch disk firmware upgrade

Easy Management

Quick installation and wizard

Automatic firmware synchronization

System configuration restoration

Volume configuration restoration

Multipath, Failover, and Load-balancing






VMware, VAAI, Citrix, Hyper-V

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac

Please check the latest compatibility list.


Email, SNMP trap, browser pop-up windows, Syslog, and Windows messenger


Web UI (HTTP, HTTPS), console, SSH, LCD, central management software


Power Supplies

80+ Gold, redundant, and hot-swappable

4U24: 2+1 550W

3U16: 1+1 550W


Operating temperature 0 to 40°C

Relative humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing




System: 3 years

BBM: 1 year

C2F: 3 years

Dimensions (W x D x H)

4U24: 770.0 x 590.0 x 550.0mm

3U16: 770.0 x 590.0 x 440.0mm

Host Interfaces

Host Channels per Controller

Model (D: Dual Controllers; S: Single Upgradable Controller)

10Gb iSCSI

10Gb RJ-45 iSCSI x2 + 1Gb iSCSI x2

10Gb SFP+ iSCSI x2 + 1Gb iSCSI x2

4U24: Q500-P21-D424 / S424

3U16: Q500-P21-D316 / S316

4U24: Q500-P20-D424 / S424

3U16: Q500-P20-D316 / S316

1Gb iSCSI 1Gb iSCSI x6

4U24: Q500-P10-D424 / S424

3U16: Q500-P10-D316 / S316

16Gb Fibre Channel

16Gb FC x2 + 1Gb iSCSI x2

4U24: Q500-F30-D424 / S424

3U16: Q500-F30-D316 / S316

8Gb Fibre Channel

8Gb FC x2 + 1Gb iSCSI x2

4U24: Q500-F20-D424 / S424

3U16: Q500-F20-D316 / S316

6Gb SAS 6Gb SAS x2

4U24: Q500-S20-D424 / S424

3U16: Q500-S20-D316 / S316

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