QSAN XReplicator Backup

QSAN XReplicator Backup: Deep Expertise in BACKUP
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How XReplicator works

Backup and recovery

Backup refers to the making copies of data so that these additional copies may be used to recover the original after a data loss event.
Backup versions
Backup versions are the files created during each backup operation. The number of versions created is equal to the number of times the backup is executed.

Backup file format
QSAN XReplicator usually saves backup data in the proprietary tib format using compression.

Backup validation
The backup validation feature allows you to confirm that your data can be recovered. The program adds checksum values to the data blocks being backed up.

Multiple back schemes
Single version, Version Chain, Incremental, Differential, Custom.

For your backups to be really helpful, they must be as “up-to-date” as possible. Schedule your backups to run automatically and on a regular basis.
Easy to Backup
Easy to Recover